Learn By Doing Volume 2 -- Learn how to continuously deploy static websites on Amazon Web Services

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume 02 💻🔨

Hey there!

I hope you have been having an awesome week full of learning! Last week we kicked off the Learn By Doing weekly newsletter packed full of interesting content.

I have gotten awesome feedback already. Folks have even emailed me interesting things they have found! If you have any links you have found that you want to share with others, feel free to respond to this email to submit them.

Here we go, week two of the weekly Learn By Doing newsletter, enjoy!

☁️ Cloud

How to continuously deploy a static website in style using GitHub and AWS If you have purchased my recent ebook + video course on hosting, securing, deploying static websites on AWS, you are going to like this blog post. Setup a CI/CD pipeline in AWS to continuously deploy your static website.

Combine AWS Lambda and Comprehend for sentiment analysis This is a cool post on how to build out a customer service bot that can run sentiment analysis to know when to transfer to a human being.

Exploring the internals of AWS Lambda Looking to learn about the internal workings of Lambda? This blog post is for you.

Optimize your AWS spend via this new CostReporter open source tool There is probably at least 5-6 different cost management tools when it comes to AWS. But this open source offering caught my eye because it checks your costs against reserved instance capcity as well.

Dynamon -- A GUI for interacting with DynamoDB If you are like me and grew up with SQL Server Management Studio for relational databases you might miss the niceties of one when it comes to DynamoDB.

AWS SAM CLI refreshed, test your lambda functions locally If you are not staying in tune with the AWS Summits that are happening than you are missing tid bits like this one. The AWS SAM command line has now been refreshed and supports a bunch of new things. Check this out.

Running serverless event gateway on Kubernetes This is an awesome post from Kelsey Hightower on how to deploy and run a Serverless Event Gateway via Kubernetes on Google Cloud Platform. SEG is very cool (not quite production ready) way of creating your own FaaS network across cloud providers.

📣 Blockchain

Getting started with Ethereum development With the barrier of blockchain development lowering daily it is starting to pick up steam within development communities. This is a great post that walks through running contracts on the ETH network with a few lines of code.

Will ICOs Render VCs Obsolete? As blockchain becomes more approachable more companies are taking to the idea of inital-coin-offerings to fund their ideas. But this is a great post that highlights what companies are trading off by choosing ICO funded over VC funded (see Pied Piper).


Everything thats not tested will break TDD, BDD, EDD, whatever you want to call it, writing tests is critical to software development nowadays. This post does a nice job of outlining where to focus your testing efforts.

The first static website generator goes back to 2004 Static website generators are a thing nowadays. Gatsby, Hugo, VuePress, and Jekyll are catching on like wildfire. But, did you know a static site generator was actually created back in 2004. What is old is new again.

😎 Cool find of the week

Terratest is now open sourced If you use Terraform to provision your infrastructure you have undoubtedly asked yourself, "how do I test this template?". Testing that your template does what you want it to do is a common issue amongst Terraform enthusiasts. Well now the folks at GruntWork have proposed a solution, Terratest.

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