Learn By Doing Volume 20 -- The Serverless cold start war

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #20 💻🔨

Twenty weeks in and this newsletter is growing like crazy! If you haven't already be sure to invite your friends to join as I am always looking to help as many people as possible.

This week we got some stellar content. We have a fantastic post from Mikhail that dives into the cold start war between various cloud providers. We have a deep dive into WebAssembly via Rust. There is another excellent post courtesy of Oliver Ash from Unsplash that dives into finite state machines via Redux and TypeScript. Natalia of Vue Vixens also does a fantastic job of demonstrating how to build a desktop application using Vue and Electron.

☁️ Cloud

How to Mock AWS Services in TypeScriptIn my latest post I explore how I have been using Typescript in my latest project, parler.io. In building out the serverless microservices for this project I ran into an issue mocking the aws-sdk inside of Typescript. There is multiple ways to solve this problem, but here I explain the two I came across.

AWS CodeBuild Adds Ability to Create Build Projects with Multiple Input Sources and Output ArtifactsMultiple inputs and outputs are now officially supported in AWS CodeBuild. This has been a big feature request to support multi environment and different compliance procedures. Wins all around.

Serverless: Cold Start WarThis is a fantastic write up courtesy of Microsoft MVP Mikhail Shilkov that dives into measuring the cold start times for various serverless functions and the various languages supported. The results might surprise you.

🔨 Tools

strest - Set up tests for REST in seconds with YAMLThis is a brand new testing framework that rolled out last week. It allows you to write tests for your REST APIs in YAML configuration files. They are easy to understand test files and super simple to get started with.

Galiboo - An API for music. Powered by A.I.Galiboo is a newly released music API that leverage AI behind the scenes. This looks very cool for developers looking to build music applications. Search for music tracks by plain text, energry, and via similarities to other tracks.

GitHub Pull Requests in Visual Studio CodeA few months back it was announced that Microsoft would be acquiring GitHub. Well it looks like the partnership is starting to show results already. GitHub pull requests are now integrated into Visual Studio Code. View, review, and open pull requests directly from your editor.

Code && Languages

From Rust to beyond: The WebAssembly galaxyWebAssembly continues to be a technology that is sparking a lot of interest across Twitter. Rust is a great way to get introduced to WASM. In this post Ivan dives deep into the world of web assembly and how to leverage it in the browser.

Strongly-typed finite-state machines with Redux and TypeScriptFinite state machines are all the rage right now. Oliver explores a finite state machine example and how it can be implemented using your existing tools like Redux and TypeScript.

Building a Desktop App with Vue: ElectronNatalia of Vue Vixens does a fantastic job of walking through how to create a desktop app using Electron and Vue. This is a fantastic example of learning a new tool by focusing on a real world sample application.

😎 Cool find of the week

The cryptopals crypto challengesIf you think crypto is a big scary industry and you don't have the skills to join it, your wrong. It is certainly a high risk space, but it turns out that is just as approachable as other development areas. Cryptopals aims to make this obvious to everyone by providing a free course that allows you to learn crypto concepts in a very approachable manner.

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