Learn By Doing Volume 26 -- Tech Debt is an interesting topic for any team

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #26 💻🔨

This week was a highlight week for me as a content creator. I had my first post make it to the front page of Hacker News and stay there for a little bit. Luckily, my blog is hosted on S3 so my hosting didn't even sneeze at the amount of traffic.

In addition to that post, you can also checkout a case study from AWS on how the DoD moved a mainframe COBOL system to the cloud. Jeremy Daly is back again with some insights on the future of serverless now that we have 15 minute functions. There is also a new backup tool in the works, Relica, that will allow you to backup your files to any cloud, including your own.

Check out all those posts and more in this weeks volume of Learn By Doing.

☁️ Cloud

Automated Refactoring of a U.S. Department of Defense Mainframe to AWSWe often talk about the world of cloud native development when focusing on AWS. But in larger organizations and entities like the Department of Defense, this isn't their focus. Instead they have to figure out ways to migrate their existing mainframe system to the cloud. This is a look into that world and what it's like to move a 1.3 million line COBOL codebase to AWS.

What 15 Minute Lambda Functions Tells Us About the Future of ServerlessThe 15 minute Lambda function was all the news last week because, right or wrong, it's been one of the most requested features of Lambda. As Jeremy highlights in this post, the limits of serverless are beginning to be knocked down. This doesn't mean you should make all your functions 15 minutes, but it means your service needs that, it's now possible.

Top 9 AWS AppSync Features You Didn't Know AboutAWS Developer Advocate Nader Dabit is back again with more tidbits on AppSync. This is a good read that highlights some of the newest features of AppSync that weren't there when it first launched. If your looking to get a GraphQL API off the ground that is brand new, it's a service worth considering.

🔨 Tools

Terraform Collaboration for EveryoneHashiconf 2018 was this week in San Francisco and with it came some very interesting announcements surrounding infrastructure as code. My favorite? Free remote state storage for Terraform so we can quit stepping on each others toes when updating templates.

up - the Ultimate Plumber for Linux pipesThis is a cool utility for Linux systems that allows you to build out Linux pipes interactively. It even works for longer running tasks where you have to wait for the response.

Relica - Backup all your filesRelica is a new backup service that is looking to turn things a bit on their head. Instead of backing up your files to somewhere you have no control over, you can backup directly to your own cloud solution. That means you can backup your devices to your own S3 bucket in the future. Very cool, but please don't leave your bucket open to the world.

Code && Languages

React and GraphQL at the NYTimesIt's always interesting to read about how bigger organizations move to newer technology and why they choose to do so. It is very easy to assume that everyone is using the latest and greatest tech, but that's simply not true. This is a nice peek behind the curtain on how The New York Times moved to React and GraphQL and the other options they considered.

Two Kinds of Tech Debt and How to Pay It DownThis latest post of mine was on the front page of Hacker News for a bit and it was exhilarating to watch my S3 website hosting not even flinch. Here I dive into what I view are two different types of technical debt and how they can be paid down.

The Infinite Space Between WordsJeff Atwood is always a good read, but this is a post I dug up from the past when I was trying to explain the difference between one second to me and one second to a computer. This post really draws up the time differentials between our systems and what 100ms really means.

😎 Cool find of the week

AWS Pricing Calculator BetaFolks have struggled with the existing AWS pricing calculator and few have found it as useful as it needs to be. But in true Amazon fashion, it looks like there is a new pricing calculator in the works. It's still very much a beta and doesn't have all of the services but the direction is positive.

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