Learn By Doing Volume 32 -- The re:Invent hangover is real, keep your run book handy

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #32 💻🔨

By now everyone should be getting over the post re:Invent hangover. There was a ton of content surrounding AWS that was announced and there is surely to be more in the coming weeks.

But this week we return our regular scheduled programming. We have an awesome project from Ryan Brown to make binge watching those re:Invent sessions a lot easier. We have Michael Lee in the house with a cool use of AWS Simple Email Service. We also have some slick approaches from Netflix and GitLab on the topic of run books.

Check out all of that and more in the 32nd Volume of the Learn By Doing newsletter. Feel free to share the newsletter with your network and friends as well.

☁️ Cloud

Re:Watch, the re:Invent Video FinderDidn't get a chance to go to re:Invent? That's OK, all of the sessions were recorded and uploaded to YouTube. But searching across YouTube is a bit of a pain so Ryan Brown created an awesome tool to help us out. Search, filter, and find the session you're looking for with this awesome app.

Avoid setting up an inbox for MailChimp by using AWS's Simple Email Service (SES)Michael reached out to me on Twitter while he was working on this. It took me a minute to catch up to what he was trying to do here, but once I did I found this to be incredibly valuable. This is in essence a way to use SES to receive email for you and store it in S3. For quick things like domain specific email addresses this works brilliantly, no more paying $5/month for Google Apps.

Reverse engineering AWS LambdaWith re:Invent past us for another year I thought it would be worth sharing this deep dive into AWS Lambda. Keep in mind that this article is from back in May and some, if not all, of this has changed. I would be curious to see how much of what is found in this post correlates to things that might be happening in Firecracker.

🔨 Tools

Beyond Interactive: Notebook Innovation at NetflixThe topic of run books is gaining steam once again in the Dev Ops realm. After all being on call is a very real thing. However, transferring the knowledge and context surrounding the support of an application or groups of service is tricky. This is a look into how Netflix manages this workflow using Jupyter Notebooks.

GitLab Run books for the stressed on callContinuing on the theme of run books, GitLab as an excellent repo to look at. They keep everything related to on-call support in one repo, even the alerts. I also like that they have a troubleshooting folder that is full of all the possible things that could go wrong and how to diagnose them. Certainly this is a beast to keep maintained, but keeping alarms next to the support documentation means that these might not fall out of sync.

kubectx & kubens: Fast way to switch between clusters and namespaces in kubectlIf you have to manage Kubernetes fairly frequently and you have multiple namespaces. A colleague pointed me to kubectx and kubens, I highly recommend it. Makes life a lot easier in my opinion.

Code && Languages

Why is 2 * (i * i) faster than 2 * i * i in Java?I don't usually post Hacker News threads in this newsletter but this one is an exception. It's actually a bunch of responses to a Stack Overflow question. If you have never taken a compilers course in college or had to implement a compiler on your own, this is a very interesting read. Keep in mind this can get into the weeds but once you understand what is happening here you'll likely be better for it.

Immutable Web AppsThis is a very interesting on a framework-agnostic methodology for deploying static websites and single page applications. A lot of things in here sound very approachable and worth trying out. I don't know that having index.html be your configuration makes sense all the time, but I do like the problem this methodology is trying to solve.

How-to: Hide contentI discovered this article courtesy of a recent blog post Lindsey Kopacz put together on building accessible dropdowns. There is a lot to learn when it comes to web accessibility, but actionable steps that we can take as outline in this article make it very possible.

😎 Cool find of the week

Lessons learned from scaling Stripe's engineering teamThis is an in depth read into the philosophy and lessons learned at Stripe around scaling an engineering team. This is a very common problem across tech companies and each one takes a different approach to solving it. However, I think this article really highlights some of the challenges from recruiting all the way to employee retention. If your interested in the pieces involved in making highly effective and collaborative teams, this is worth a read.

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