Learn By Doing Volume 33 -- AWS introduces an experimental public roadmap

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #33 💻🔨

Volume 33 is here! It's a bit lighter this week while I am travelling but we still have some stellar content this week.

We have our first look at a custom AWS Lambda Runtime for Haskell. There is a deep dive into the security vulnerability that hit Kubernetes this past week. To close things out we have a new logging tool, Loki, that promises to offer a cheaper and simpler option for all your logging needs.

Check out all that and more in this thirty third edition of the Learn By Doing Newsletter.

☁️ Cloud

Experimental Public Roadmap - AWS Container ServicesThis might be a first for any collection of AWS services, a public roadmap. The container services within AWS (i.e. ECS, Fargate, EKS, etc) now have a public roadmap in GitHub that you can follow. Certainly not everything is going to be in this, but it's cool to see that the incremental things are there.

Best Practices for Managing Many-to-Many Relationships in DynamoI have been working with Dynamo a lot again on a new project and this question of many-to-many relationships comes up a lot. I don't often include links to AWS docs in this newsletter for obvious reasons, but I found these best practices to be helpful so you might as well.

Getting Started with the Haskell AWS Lambda RuntimeWerner mentioned it during his AWS re:Invent key note and now its a reality. You can now write your AWS Lambda functions in Haskell using this community sourced runtime. If your into functional languages and serverless is your jam, this is probably right up your ally.

🔨 Tools

Serverless Security WorkshopThis was one of the more popular workshops at re:Invent this year and lucky for us, it is up on GitHub. Learn how to build a secure serverless application by walking through this workshop.

A framework for simple, fast, and secure web apps in RustRocket is a framework for building web applications in Rust. It looks like it is progressing quite nicely and the syntax looks fairly easy to use.

Code && Languages

How freeCodeCamp.org uses the JAMstack + a single API server to help millions of people learn to code every monthQuincy Larson popped in on dev.to to provide an overview of the architecture Free Code Camp uses. If your not familiar with FCC, it is a learning community to help folks learn how to program. It is pretty cool to see a highly scalable implementation using just the JAMStack.

Demystifying Kubernetes CVE-2018-1002105 (and a dead simple exploit)A major security vulnerability was discovered within Kubernetes. It essentially led to error proxy connections being left open. This post dives into more details and demonstrates how the exploit can be leveraged.

😎 Cool find of the week

Loki: like Prometheus, but for logs.If you have had to operate more than one Kubernetes cluster than you have likely run into some stumbling blocks that come along with logging. It promises to be a cheaper alternative to other logging options by only storing metadata of logging streams. It also promises to be simpler to operate, but I will let you be the judge of that.

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