Learn By Doing Volume 40 -- A definitive guide to using Serverless with Terraform

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #40 💻🔨

Here we are, week 40 of the Learn By Doing newsletter! It's hard to believe that in a few months this newsletter will one year old.

There is some excellent content this week from all across the spectrum. Serverless Framework rolled out a guide on how to use their framework in conjunction with Terraform. ECS and ECR announced support for PrivateLink, which I have a strong opinion on that you can find here. The famous Kent Dodds makes an appearance with a run down of the testing trophy. Then to close things out, an awesome cool find this week that shows you how to make some very cool ASCII Art.

Check out all that and many more articles in this 40th edition of the Learn By Doing newsletter. Catch you all next week!

☁️ Cloud

Cloud Firestore has Gone GA, Lower Pricing Tiers, New Locations, and more!It is quite interesting to read the different press releases made by the various cloud providers when they launch a new service. Google tends to feel more upbeat and product focused, whereas AWS tends to feel more developer focused. With that, it looks like Firestore, Google's take on NoSQL at scale is now GA. Interesting that they are already rolling out a different pricing tier.

Using Terraform with the Serverless FrameworkThe Serverless folks are calling this the definitive guide to using their framework in conjunction with Terraform. Definitive might be a stretch here, but I tend to agree with most of these points having used this combo for a while with parler.io.

Amazon ECS and Amazon ECR now have support for AWS PrivateLinkFor folks using ECR inside of a private subnet, you can rejoice. At least a little bit. The economics of AWS PrivateLink make sense for my own workloads, but I don't agree with them once it comes to the actual AWS services. Yes ECR is now supported by PrivateLink, but you are going to pay quite a bit of $$ to have that in your VPC.

🔨 Tools

apprise - Push Notifications that work with just about every platform!How many of us have written a Slack notification bot for our build systems? Probably quite a few of us. This is an interesting open source project that aims to greatly expedite that process. Just configure your notification endpoint and send from your Python code or command line.

Racket v7.2 is outRacket is an interesting language that essentially allows you to model/create your own languages from it. I remember taking a compilers course back at university that would have benefited greatly from a tool like this.

Architect 5.0 now fully supports serverless WebSocketsArchitect, also known as arc in the serverless community released an update that enables the WebSockets protocol provided by API Gateway. Simply specify @ws in your .arc file and away you go!

Code && Languages

A Bridge too Far: E.W. Dijkstra and LogicIf you have taken a computer science class or ever had to implement the shortest path algorithm, you have undoubtedly come across EWD. This is an interesting read into the accomplishments Dijkstra made in his time and why they are so significant.

Creating async code in RustAsync eventually comes to all languages at some point in time. The ability to process information in parallel is an obvious performance gain. However, that performance gain can often come with increased complexity. It is interesting to dig through this online book and look at how Rust approached this problem.

Static vs Unit vs Integration vs E2E Testing for Frontend AppsKent Dodds is back with an interesting read on the testing trophy. In this article he explains what each stage is and how it can be implemented in your own code bases. Solid read for those of us trying to get more integration tests into our front end code bases.

😎 Cool find of the week

ASCII Art with OverstrikeASCII Art has always been quite fascinating to me, but this project takes it to another level. If I could turn up a vintage printer that could over-strike I would definitely make some cool things with this. That said, it looks like you can use a modern printer as well with some small adjustments.

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