Learn By Doing Volume 52 -- A comparison of frameworks for deploying AWS Lambda

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #52 💻🔨

Wow Learn By Doing is 1-year old 🎉

It's been incredible to watch how this newsletter has grown and evolved in the course of one year. I am grateful for all of the feedback subscribers like you send my way to let me know what content you are finding the most beneficial. So please don't hesitate to let me know what you want to see more of.

We have some great content all across the spectrum this week. There is a bit of serverless deployment discussions and the tools associated with that. There is an excellent piece from Kent Dodds on why state management can actually be handled entirely in React. There is also an incredible 'Cool Find' this week that focuses on how the best engineers are raised in companies not hired.

☁️ Cloud

Lambda deployment frameworks comparedThe folks at Lumigo put together this post that looks at all of the various frameworks you can use to deploy your AWS Lambda workloads. I'm not sure I am a fan of all of these, but it is cool to see them all right next to each other for a nice comparison.

Firehose custom prefixes for Amazon S3 objectsIf you are in the business of writing a massive amount of data to S3 using Firehose, you might be interested in this new feature. You can now have custom prefixes for Firehose to S3 transformations. The idea behind this is that you can have Hive compatible prefixes that can then be read in automatically by AWS Glue.

🔨 Tools

PySnooper - Never use print for debugging againEver been in a pinch and couldn't be bothered with getting a debugger setup for your Python code? PySnooper hopes to help you out in those scenarios. With a single decorator added to your function you can get a line by line execution of your function with all of the variables printed for you.

manim - Mathematical Animation EngineIf your in a heavy mathematical industry this could be a very handy open source project. It is the animation engine behind videos posted to 3Blue1Brown and produces incredibly precise mathematical animations.

vim.wasm - Vim Ported to WebAssemblyVim comes to the browser via Web Assembly. Those that are daily users of Vim should give this a try and let others know how it is.

Code && Languages

Svelte 3: Rethinking reactivityIt looks like a new framework is here to challenge the likes of React and Vue. Svelte looks to bring the power and reactivity of React and Vue but in a completely different delivery format. Rather than updating your DOM at runtime, why not handle that at compile time and gain the performance advantage?

Application State Management with ReactThe one and only Kent Dodds released this new post at the start of the week. In this post Kent makes a strong case for why state management is already baked into React and why you shouldn't jump straight to libraries like Redux.

WebAssembly Troubles part 4: MicrowasmThis is actually the final installment of a four part series that explores some challenges associated with WebAssembly. It explores some of the beliefs associated with WASM and seeks to prove why they are not correct and/or how they can be improved. As someone that watches WebAssembly development from a far, I found this opinionated piece insightful into what challenges exist in that world.

😎 Cool find of the week

Great developers are raised, not hiredThis week's cool find really hit home for me so I thought I would share it. I think hiring developers/technical folks is hard, very hard in fact. Companies often want the perfect person that fits exactly into what they need to solve. But, that's not reality. This post from Eduards Sizovs is what I think makes for the best engineering culture and allow companies to grow the "best talent".

Who's hiring

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