Learn By Doing Volume 61 -- Dynamically provision your serverless workloads and analyze their cost

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #61 💻🔨

This week's newsletter is jam packed with some awesome stuff. We got a menu of options for you to choose from that range from serverless to building your resume using JSON.

There is a new blog post out this, authored by yours truly, that dives into using faast.js to build serverless batch pipelines. I think this is a really interesting project from a serverless and infrastructure as code perspective. We also have our monthly reminder that most of us are not working at the scale of the tech giants. Also, the Raspberry Pi 4 is now available and wow does it have some specs for $35 bucks.

Check out all those posts and the others in this 61st edition of the Learn By Doing newsletter.

☁️ Cloud

Analyzing the Cost of Your Serverless Functions Using Faast.jsI released a new blog post this week that highlights a very cool open source project, faast.js. It is a project that aims to make serverless batch computing a breeze. Instead of provisioning infrastructure up front, you can provision your serverless workloads dynamically when the function is actually invoked. Bonus points: with faast.js you can invoke your serverless workloads as if they were just another function in your code.

UDP Load Balancing for Network Load Balancer Now AvailableThis is a huge release for those of that make use of the lesser known Network Load Balancer. With this release you can now load balance all of your UDP traffic with relative ease.

What is an AWS Outpost Rack?Have you ever wondered what the internals of an EC2 rack are? Well wonder no more. This is a video that goes into the details of what an AWS Outpost Rack contains, which is really nothing more than an EC2 rack in your own data center.

🔨 Tools

catj - Displays JSON files in a flat format.The project name is pretty self explanatory. Sometimes it is far easier to read deeply nested JSON if each property is displayed on a single line. This is precisely what catj helps you out with.

terracognita - Create a Terraform template from your existing cloud infrastructureTerracognita is not the first project to try and import existing cloud resources into Terraform. With this project you can important all of your resources by specifying the type of resource and it will do all of the work for you. It is early days so maybe don't use this for production quite yet.

JSON Resume - Create your resume with a standard JSON objectNo this isn't the next version of JSON. Instead JSON Resume is a project that allows you to create a resume for your future employers using a standard JSON object. This is handy if you are trying to keep your resume up to date but spend most of your time in terminals.

Code && Languages

Gryphon Trading FrameworkThis newsletter, in the early days, originally contained a lot of articles relating to blockchain. Since then I have becomes less interested in that technology because it tends to get lumped into a bunch of other things. However, Gryphon is a bit different. It is an open source framework that allows you to design and execute high volume cryptocurrency trades. It's an interesting framework to take a look at because it is actually very straightforward to use.

You are not Google. You are not Netflix.Sometimes we need a reminder of this every now and again. The reality is that most of us are not engineers at these large companies, so we shouldn't follow what they do without asking if it is right for us. I really like that this author focuses on how those companies got to where they are and how we can borrow pieces.

From python to Go to Rust: an opinionated journeyI find posts like these to be insightful because they given you a view of how the developer makes decisions. I really like that this author focuses on what they were hoping to gain from each language. I also appreciate the insights they share into why one language didn't work but the other did. Of course all of this is based on opinions, so take it with a grain of salt.

😎 Cool find of the week

Raspberry Pi 4 is now availableThe latest generation of Raspberry Pi is now available and it is loaded with awesome stuff for a mere $35 dollars. Everytime the next generation comes out I am convinced that I need to start building projects for these things. Perhaps this time I will actually do it.

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