Learn By Doing Volume 63 -- Migrating your API endpoints to serverless using ALBs

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #63 💻🔨

Here we are with another volume of the Learn By Doing newsletter. It's another shorter newsletter this week as I am heading out for a bit of a vacation. That said, this weeks articles are top notch as always.

There is a brief article that demonstrates how you can migrate your monolith web API from EC2/ECS to 100% serverless by leveraging Application Load Balancers in AWS. I also wrote a quick post last week that explores some common refactoring opportunities that are pretty universal. There is also an interesting cool find that looks to provide a decentralized alternative to Instragram.

Check out those great articles and many more in this 63rd volume. See you all next week!

☁️ Cloud

Hybrid Load Balancing traffic between EC2 and Lambda functions - useful API migration patternA quick article that dives into how you can migrate your monolith web app, route by route, from EC2 to AWS Lambda. It's a bit shorter than I would have liked but it's to the point. With the release of the ALB events in the Serverless Framework you can update your event source seamlessly in your existing templates.

🔨 Tools

python_autocomplete - A simple neural network for python autocompletionThis isn't the first project I have seen that makes use of machine learning in order to provide autocomplete for Python code, see Kite for an alternative. This, however, is the first open source project I have seen that lets you run the tests on your own.

Code && Languages

The Three Most Common Refactoring Opportunities You Are Likely To EncounterI released this blog post last week after revisiting some old code I wrote years ago. When I opened the project I was amazed at all of the places that needed to be cleaned up. I dove right in and started doing what came naturally, which got me thinking, how do I already know to refactor the things that I am? Thus this post was born.

Data-Oriented Design EbookDesign patterns in code is almost always a popular subject. But, have you ever explored data oriented design? It's a very interesting take that changes the way we think about building our user experience. Check out this free ebook that dives into all of the details.

😎 Cool find of the week

Federated Image Sharing for EveryonePixelfed is a decentralized photo sharing platform that values privacy above just about everything else. It's an interesting take on an alternative to things like Instagram. I still think that the entry bar is very high for the normal consumer.

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