Learn By Doing Volume 69 -- AWS Lambda and VPCs performance boost

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #69 💻🔨

There is some great content in this volume of the Learn By Doing newsletter. We have a nice spread of material this week with a few articles from the cloud, coding, and tooling space.

The headliner has to be the new and improved AWS Lambda with VPCs performance boost. The initial numbers are showing that a function that once took 14 seconds can complete in less than a second now. There is a great post form the folks at Figma that outlines how you can build a new feature for your platform by iterating and continuing to ask questions. Google Engineering published a guide on how to perform a code review and it's a great practical view into making the code review process enjoyable for everyone.

Check out all of those great posts and many more in this 69th volume of the Learn By Doing newsletter. See you all in two weeks!

☁️ Cloud

Modern applications at AWSWerner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon, put out this post since our last volume. It explores the "manifesto" behind applications at AWS. More specifically he takes us on a brief journey through the lifecycle of Amazon and how it went from a monolithic bookstore focused app to what it is today. While I usually hate "manifesto documents" as it relates to architecture, this post at least as some interesting core concepts that can be used.

Announcing improved VPC networking for AWS Lambda functionsThis is the announcement many folks have been waiting for as it relates to AWS Lambda, much faster VPC networking for your serverless workloads. This is going to unlock a ton workloads that can now be serverless that just weren't possible before. The performance boost of this is quite incredible, 14 seconds for a function that connects to an RDS database down to just 900 milliseconds.

Serverless Functions With WebAssembly ModulesI'm a little bit skeptical of this as it uses IBM Cloud Functions which I have very little experience with. However, I think it's a neat idea to run WebAssembly inside of a serverless function. The performance boost of this idea is really interesting. Is it practical? I'm not sure, but I bet there is a use case somewhere in here.

🔨 Tools

CyberChef - The Swiss Army Knife for encryption, analysis, compression, and encodingEver had to convert something to base64? What about back to hex? What if you had to do some JWT decoding? Usually you have a couple different commands that you have to remember how to run each time you use them. CyberChef is a tool that puts everything in one place so you can do it all with one tool instead of 20.

aws-codebuild-images - Run CodeBuild builds locallyMost modern day build systems have some CLI that you can use to run and test your builds locally. Well, AWS CodeBuild has that tool as in the form of a Docker image. It's very handy if you need to debug those builds before you push them up to your account.

CliFx - a declarative framework for building CLIs.NET developers don't usually have a great set of tools for building command line interfaces. That is beginning to change and CliFx is but one example of that. Build your .NET/dotnet core CLIs with relative ease using this declarative framework.

Code && Languages

How to build a plugin system on the web and also sleep well at nightThis is a great development read that dives into some really great practices. Figma explains the steps they took to introduce plugins into their platform. It's a great example of how to go through a proof of concept and keep asking, can we make this better?

Open Source Maintainers Owe You NothingThe life of an open source maintainer isn't always rainbows and unicorns. It's often far more demanding than most of us can even begin to imagine. This is a great post from Mike McQuaid that simplifies the common open source licensing to remind maintainers, they owe those who use their projects nothing.

😎 Cool find of the week

How to do a code review from Google EngineeringGoogle is starting to post their engineering best practices documentation and this one is a real gem. I really like how this focuses on improving the overall health of the code and not making things perfect. It's a great read with a lot of juicy highlights that are worth applying to your domain.

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