Learn By Doing Volume 70 -- Is serverless as cheap as it sounds?

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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #70 💻🔨

Welcome to the 70th volume of the Learn By Doing newsletter. There is some great content this week so let's dive right into it.

There are some great posts this week centered around serverless. I put out a new post this week with Cloudforecast that explores serverless event-driven pipelines within AWS. Burke Holland has a great piece that explores the cost of Azure Functions to determine if it's as cheap as it sounds. There are also some great posts this week concerning GraphQL, video game emulation, and how boring technology isn't so bad.

Check out all of those great posts and many more in this weeks edition. If you really dig the content this week, please feel free to forward this newsletter to a friend or colleague. See you all in two weeks!

☁️ Cloud

Building an Event-driven Pipeline in AWS Using ServerlessThis is a new post I partened with Cloudforecast on. In it we explore event-driven pipelines within AWS by building a simple event-driven architecture all within AWS. We take a second to talk about what an event can look like within the cloud ecosystem and also how we can define our own.

Is Serverless really as cheap as everyone claims?Burke Holland put this post together exploring the cost of Azure Functions. The answer? Yes, serverless is much cheaper than many other options. However, that largely depends on doing the right things in serverless and being aware when things may go wrong.

Hey CDK, how can I migrate my existing CloudFormation templates?Cloud Development Kit (CDK) from AWS is starting to get some traction as folks look to write their infrastructure code in languages they know and love. However, as you'll see in the next article, CDK is merely an imperative conduit to a declarative framework. This post, however, explores how you can migrate your CloudFormation templates into AWS CDK.

Imperative Infrastructure as Code using AWS CDKThe CDK is being debated quite heavily in the AWS community. Many folks, like myself, use declarative frameworks like Terraform to represent their infrastructure as code. However, imperative tools like CDK are emerging and they do look promising. Here is a look at AWS CDK, a tool that may not be strictly imperative or declarative at all.

🔨 Tools

Draqula - A GraphQL client for React apps that don't need everythingMore and more things are being added into Apollo and many folks don't need all of that. Draqula aims to provide a slimmer GraphQL client that allows for quickly developing web apps.

Code && Languages

Emulating a PlayStation 1 (PSX) entirely with C# and .NETEver wanted to explore emulating the PS1 in some good ole C#? Now you can thanks to a cool side project a developer is working on. In this post Scott Hanselman explores how it can be done and provides some guidance on how you can use the project.

3 methods for microservice communicationHTTP is the common communication protocol for almost everything. In fact most things are just a layer above that. However, there are other methods in which services can communicate with each other that don't have to be as synchronous as a traditional POST or GET.

😎 Cool find of the week

The boring technology behind a one-person Internet companyListen Notes is a podcast search engine that serves a ton of traffic every month. But what you might not know is that it's just one person running the show and about 20 servers inside of AWS. A lot of people think that a tech company needs to be this massive organization with tons of people and fancy technology. The reality is far from that as this post lays out. There isn't anything earth shattering about the tech used here. The service solves a problem and does so in a straight forward way that allows folks to sleep at night.

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