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☁️ 📖 Learn By Doing Volume #74 💻🔨

Welcome back to the Learn By Doing newsletter. It's another week, another newsletter, and another batch of content to sync your learning mind into.

This week has a lot of React content (thus the eating this newsletter subject). It's also excellent stuff but my personal favorite is the Cool Find, building your own React step by step. We also have a ton of great Cloud articles this week. AWS put out some great content focused on cost savings and some fun serverless projects. There is also a great post from Martin Costello on how you can integration test your C# Lambda functions. Looking for more code focused content? Check out the piece from Steve Gordon on how to implement high-performance logging in .NET Core.

Check out all of those great pieces of content and many more in this 74th volume of the Learn By Doing newsletter, see you all in two weeks!

☁️ Cloud

Building a serverless weather bot with two-way SMS, AWS SAM, and AWS LambdaWeather bots seem to be the default project folks go to when venturing into chat bot type things. This one is slick because it uses two way messaging using an SNS topic and Pinpoint to then invoke a Lambda function which queries an external API.

Integration testing AWS Lambda C# Functions with Lambda Test ServerIntegration testing Lambda functions in C# has gotten a lot easier. Now with Lambda Test Server, which builds on the native Test Server, you can integration test your C# serverless functions in a breeze.

Savings Plans for AWS Compute ServicesThe reserved instance (RI) from instance always felt a bit lock-in-esque. Sure, they made improvements to it over time and opened up some flexibility options. But the Savings Plan looks like what they should have started with in the first place. Commit to the amount of compute you will use on an hourly basis, pay for that at a discounted rate, and anything above you get charged at On-Demand. I really like that it wraps compute under an umbrella that is much flexible here.

🔨 Tools

react-query - Hooks for fetching, caching and updating asynchronous data in ReactIt's the week of interesting React tools that we can all try out. This one gives you a common library that you can use to leverage hooks for fetching, caching, and updating your async data.

Now you have a CLI for your Stripe accountI make use of Stripe in a couple different projects. But I also thought it to be a bit of a black box and that's been OK for my work because I don't often have to debug things over there. However, that just became a lot easier with their new CLI. You can debug webhooks and tail your API logs in real-time.

react-adaptive-hooks - Deliver experiences best suited to a user's device and network constraintsThis is an interesting project over on the Chrome Labs GitHub. It allows you to have a set of React hooks that adapt to a users network and device constraints right in your application.

Code && Languages

Things I wish someone had explained about functional programmingFunctional programming is a different ball game. However, it's also very familiar to a lot of us because it's just another way of programming. As it turns out, this is a faulty assumption that we should check at the door before diving into the world of FP. This is a great post on what it's like to learn functional programming and what things you have to leave in the past to reap all of the rewards.

High-performance logging in .NET CoreSteve Gordon is back with more .NET Core knowledge to drop on us. This one focuses on how you can implement the Microsoft suggested high-performance logging in your own code. He then dives into why it's more performant and shows the measurements side by side.

😎 Cool find of the week

Build your own ReactHow much do you really know about the inner workings of React? If your like me, very little. This is a great read from Rodrigo Pombo that rebuilds React from the ground up. It's a great way to get familiar with how it's built, why it's that way, and how it enabled future things.

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