Kyle Galbraith

Software Engineer // Entrepreneur // Traveler

//A Little About Me

I believe in failing fast, not for the sake of wasting time, but for the sake of gaining more information than what I had before. Failing without learning is just failure, but failing with pride, excitement, and a hunger to learn more is the seed to success.

I love to solve the problems facing customers. It is an incredible process where you get to try new things, learn, improve, and make a user’s life better. I can solve any problem given to me inside or outside my comfort zone. Although it is the problems outside my comfort zone that excite me the most because they are often the problems that are in need for a solution that provides the greatest value.

I have helped companies maintain legacy systems to deliver value to thousands of users. I have been a seed developer on a green field product that launched in less than six months and then took over the team of six developers from there. I established a new hiring process to bring in junior developers. Expediting their onboarding process by mentoring them in the team's culture and technical stack so that they could bring customer value in their first week.

Passion, accountability, and responsibility are values I live by not only in my professional career but in my personal life as well. Graduating Cum Laude with a B.S. in Computer Science while working full time at a startup as a QA engineer was where I learned that work ethic makes or breaks you.

My goal is pretty simple, I want to be a force multiplier in everything I do. I bring my work ethic, accountability, responsibility, and technical background to everything I do to solve the real problems facing people.

So let's roll up our sleeves, dive in, and get things done.

//Reach Out To Me

I am always looking for new projects work on. I really enjoy talking about problems people are facing and what kinds of solutions we can create to help solve them. If you have anything exciting you are working on, want to talk about your next idea, or just need a second pair of eyes on something, shoot me a message.