These days my main focus is on my day to day work as Co-Founder of Depot — a remote container build service that can build Docker images up to 20x faster.

Below are some of the past projects I have built.

Learn AWS By Using It

A course focused on learning AWS by actually using core services. It focuses on solving real-world problems like hosting, securing, and deploying static websites within AWS.

Ultimate Fantasy Supercross

A fantasy sports platform for those that actively follow the AMA Supercross and AMA Motocross series. Initially developed in 2014 the application has been maintained continuously. It has recently undergone a major rearchitecture, a migration to be fully serverless.

A service to automatically convert blog posts into audio that can then be embedded right next to the post. This is a project that has been close to my heart as I really believe it could unlock a new medium for consuming written content. Unfortunately I only get to dive back into this project every now and again.

Learn By Doing Newsletter

A weekly email newsletter I started curating in 2019 focused on the cloud, DevOps, and learning programming by actually building things. Now defunct, but you can still out the volumes on the website.